Green List for the Healthcare Sector needs Some Work!

Green List Healthcare Sector
Medical specialists such as gastroenterologists, pediatricians, oncologists are not currently on the list making it difficult for them to get residency from offshore. This needs to be changed in order to help New Zealand’s healthcare system!
We not only need to train more New Zealanders, but we also need to bring in individuals from other countries to help fill our workforce. 62% of our doctors come from other nations, and we need to make it easier for them to immigrate here.

62% Percent is a Big Number

For a country like New Zealand that takes pride in its healthcare system, it is concerning that nearly two-thirds of the country’s doctors are from other nations. The reason for this is due to a lack of doctors in New Zealand. We need to encourage more people to enter the medical field, but we also need to make it easier for medical professionals from other countries to move to New Zealand.
The Green List is a great start, but we need to do more to make sure that our healthcare system is sustainable in the future. We need to ensure that we have the right mix of local and foreign talent in order to provide the best care for our patients.
As of now the occupations listed in the green list are not sufficient to address the healthcare expert’s shortage in the nation. It’s high time that the government revise the Green List and include more medical specialist roles to it. This will help New Zealand in attracting more healthcare professionals from other countries and improve our healthcare system as a whole.
If we fail to recognize the seriousness of the situation, soon we may find ourselves in a healthcare crisis. We need to act now and make sure that our healthcare system is able to meet the needs of our population.

Immigration Advisers can Help Here!

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The green list is a new concept and full of complexities for a layman. If you are a doctor looking forward to join the New Zealand workforce then it would be prudent to seek our services. We can make things simpler and way quicker for you.

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