New Zealand Work Visas

Immigration New Zealand will need to see you already working in New Zealand or have a job offer before they consider your application for one of the temporary or resident New Zealand Work Visas.
If you have occupational work experience or specialist skills to fill in an area that New Zealand has a shortage of skills in, and your qualifications meet the standards required by employers in the country, you will find great career opportunities here.
There are several options in terms of both temporary and resident New Zealand Work Visas that you may be eligible to apply for – each of them comes with its application process and unique set of criteria.

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New Zealanders have their unique way of just getting on with the work at hand and finding intuitive solutions. This is the result of their pioneering background that prepared them to get the job done with whatever resources they had available. This meant combining new ideas with the traditional ways of working.
New Zealand work culture expects people to work and think independently. The employers understand that collaboration and working well with others is key to getting things done.
New Zealand may be the right place for you to kickstart your career if you are just starting. You will get hands-on experience and may even get to work in management positions you can only dream of for years to come in your home country.
People who are self-starters are respected a lot in New Zealand. Also, if you bring senior or mid-management experience to the table, you will be valued in the country for your ability to show new techniques to New Zealanders while you train them.

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