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Are you in a complicated immigration situation with Immigration New Zealand because you cannot fulfil eligibility requirements?
The immigration department of New Zealand is very strict with implementing the immigration law. In some cases, there is not much you can do as you are not eligible for the grant of a temporary or resident visa. There can be multiple reasons for this, mostly to do with character or health issues.
Immigration New Zealand has determined that you do not qualify, and you think all is lost. Well, not so fast. You still have the option of approaching the Minister of Immigration directly. If your case is genuinely exceptional, you may be able to have the Minister grant a special direction in your case to resolve your immigration woes.

We, at NZ Immigration Help, have a lot of experience in helping our clients apply for various kinds of visas by directly approaching the Minister of Immigration and getting special directions issued, resulting in a favourable response to their visa application with Immigration New Zealand. Book time with us for a consultation to discuss your case and evaluate your chances of success for the grant of a special direction.

How do you know if you are eligible for the grant of a special direction by the Minister?

Well, here is the thing about special directions – they are not a right that you can exercise as a visa applicant or holder. These are special conditions that the Minister may impose in your case, either directly or through a delegate.
The immigration policy of New Zealand provides the Minister with special rights that empower the seat to determine which policy criteria should be applied in your case. The Minister also has the power to grant you a visa based on specific terms and conditions laid down by him/her, even if they fall outside the requirements of the policy – special directions are not legislative or disallowed instruments. They do not need ratification by the House of Representatives.
Special directions cannot be requested by the exercise of any explicit rights held by anyone. New Zealand Immigration Minister and his/her executives appointed officially hold the exclusive privilege of issuing special directions at their sole discretion in individual cases.
You can consider a special direction to be a waiver on the laid down visa conditions. For instance, you receive a PPI letter from an officer of Immigration New Zealand regarding a concern in your visa application that can only be remedied by waiving off a visa condition. In such cases, the only way out is to secure a special direction. It is also important to note that the Minister makes special directions in very rare cases.

This makes it critical that you present your case in the most professional and compelling manner, with all supporting documents. You may not get another chance. Book a consultation time slot with us to seek the best professional immigration advice regarding your special direction request.

Under what circumstances can you apply for special directions?

Special directions can be applied in various circumstances, some of which are:

  • Granting permission to enter New Zealand or allowing individuals to acquire a visa in cases where they have been prohibited from availing these benefits
  • Issuing an invitation to an individual to apply for residency even when they have not tendered any expression of interest
  • Referring a resident visa application to be processed by the Minister instead of an Immigration New Zealand officer
  • Imposing, cancelling or varying a condition for a resident visa at the time of entry permission application
  • Seeking a character waiver or medical waiver for a resident or temporary visa application
  • Imposing, cancelling or varying any condition that applies to the grant of a temporary visa
  • Exempting an individual from having to furnish the prescribed fee, or direct refunds of bonds or fee
Note that requests for special directions are not visa applications. If you do end up getting a special direction issued to take care of certain facets of your visa application, you will still need to pursue the regular application procedure for the grant of your temporary or resident visa.
There are several immigration cases where the applicants will bring significant benefit to New Zealand by their presence but are just not able to fit the strict immigration policies due to their personal circumstances. Approaching the New Zealand Minister of Immigration for a special direction is the best way to approach your visa application in such exceptional circumstances.
NZ Immigration Help is located right here in Auckland, so you can walk into our office any time to discuss your case privately. Our licensed immigration experts have been helping our clients get Special Directions to take their visa application forward even in cases where they do not fulfil the eligibility requirements.

See if your visa application can benefit from a special direction. Book a consultation with us today and speak with open of our professional immigration advisers.

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