New Zealand Entrepreneur Visas

Do yo want to visit or move to New Zealand on an entrepreneur visa?
New Zealand offers a very conducive environment for start-up ventures. Its open and free markets, a strong society and personal freedom provide the essential ingredients needed to deliver prosperity.

How Do You Qualify for an Entrepreneur Work Visa?

An Entrepreneur Work Visa is best suited for people who want to test the entrepreneurial environment of New Zealand before committing to residence. If you are granted a New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa, you can either establish or buy a business. You have the option of applying for New Zealand residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category at the end of 6 months or 2 years, based on certain conditions.
Here are the requirements that you will have to meet for an Entrepreneur Work Visa. You must:
  • Provide a comprehensive business plan
  • Invest at least NZ$ 100,000 in your business – this requirement may be waived if your business has a high level of export or innovation potential, or caters to the fields like ICT (Information and Communications Technology) or science.
  • Accumulate at least 120 points in Immigration New Zealand’s point system
  • Not have been involved in any bankruptcy or business failure within the last 5 years
  • Not have been involved in any financial misconduct or business fraud

What is the Length of Stay on an Entrepreneur Work Visa?

  • You can spend 12 months in New Zealand during the start-up stage of your business. You can apply for an extension of this start-up period in some cases.
  • You will be allowed to continue to live in New Zealand for another 24 months if you prove that you have set up your business successfully
On an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you can:
  • Set up a new business or buy an existing one
  • Work in your New Zealand business for a total of 3 years
  • Add your partner and dependent children (younger than 19 years) to your visa application
  • Study for 3 months in any 12-month timeframe
  • Enter and exit New Zealand any number of times

Are There Any Conditions on an Entrepreneur Work Visa?

Yes, there are.
Here are the conditions you need to be aware of if you are in New Zealand on an Entrepreneur Work Visa:
  • You are not allowed to work for anyone else. You must be self-employed in the business and location stated in your visa. Self-employed has a precise definition under the New Zealand immigration law – It means you are lawfully and actively engaged in full-time operation and management of your business. Speculative and passive involvement is not considered self-employment.
  • You cannot apply for or avail any welfare assistance during your stay in New Zealand. The same applies to your partner and dependent children if their visas are based on your New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa

Immigration New Zealand may reject your Entrepreneur Work Visa application initially or after the start-up period if it is not convinced that you are fulfilling the terms of the visa. Do not waste the opportunity and your hard-earned money. Work with our Auckland based immigration experts to help you through the Entrepreneur Work Visa application process. Book a consultation now.

What are the Requirements of an Entrepreneur Resident Visa?

There are two ways of qualifying for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa:
  • After operating a business for 2 years while being self-employed: You must have been self-employed for at least 2 years in a New Zealand business that you have purchased or established. Also, your business must have benefitted New Zealand significantly
  • A faster track (after 6 months of being self-employed): You can apply for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa after 6 months if you have been self-employed in your business which has generated at least 3 new jobs for residents or citizens of New Zealand. You must also have invested at least NZ$ 500,000 in the business
With an Entrepreneur Resident Visa, you can:
  • Work, study and live in New Zealand indefinitely
  • Add your partner and dependent children (lesser than 24 years of age) to your resident visa application
  • Continue operating your business in New Zealand

Are There Any Conditions on an Entrepreneur Resident Visa?

Yes, there are.
Here are some conditions you need to be aware of if you are in New Zealand on an Entrepreneur Resident Visa, and it has not been 2 years since you have been running your business:
  • You must continue working for another 2 years in your business.
  • You must keep the nominated funds invested in your business for another 2 years
  • You must continue to employ New Zealand residents or citizens in the new jobs you have created for at least 2 more years
These conditions are on top of the English language, good health/character and other requirements laid down by Immigration New Zealand.

The Entrepreneur Resident Visa process application can get tricky. Avoid getting in trouble with your Entrepreneur Resident Visa application process. NZ Immigration Help has many years of experience helping their clients get approval for their Entrepreneur Resident Visa. Book a consultation to get the best advice.

What is the Processing Time for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visas?

Immigration New Zealand may take up to 16 months to process Work and Resident Entrepreneur Visas.

Avoid visa delays or outright rejection. We know the ins and outs of the Entrepreneur Visa application process and can help you get timely approvals on your New Zealand Entrepreneur Visas. Start by booking your consultation.

How Much Does it Cost to Obtain a New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa?

NZ Immigration Help is a team of dedicated and licensed immigration experts who aim to help their clients obtain their New Zealand Entrepreneur Visas at affordable fee.
We have a lot of experience to determine what kind of evidence would need to be presented at various stages of your New Zealand Entrepreneur application. We combine our expertise with a detailed study of your case. We offer you our honest advice and work with you to reach the most cost-effective solution.

Start the process of obtaining your New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa at the lowest fee by booking a consultation with our immigration experts.

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