Global Impact Visa (GIV)

Can you create a long-term positive impact on New Zealand and the world?
The Global Impact Visa (GIV) has been created by Immigration New Zealand in partnership with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF). The purpose of GIV is to attract visionaries, investors, talented entrepreneurs and start-up teams with the capability and drive to place New Zealand and the world on the path of lasting positive impact.
The GIV gives you the opportunity of working and living in New Zealand while you establish or support innovative enterprises in the country. You can also apply for permanent residence in New Zealand after you satisfy certain conditions of this visa.

What is Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF)?

EHF provides fellowships to start-up teams and entrepreneurs who are driven by mission and can benefit from its platform to help with incubation of global high impact ventures in New Zealand.
The EHF takes 100 candidates every year from the international pool. It also accepts investors and entrepreneurs from New Zealand to bolster the community. The selection happens twice a year.
What does the Edmund Hillary Fellowship look for? The fellowship seeks people who use innovation for creating systematic solutions to social, cultural, environmental or economic problems to create a positive impact on humanity.

How Do You Qualify for a New Zealand Global Impact Visa (GIV)?

The Global Impact Visa application process consists of the following stages:
  • Apply to the Edmund Hillary Fellowship
  • Receive a Letter of Offer if you are selected
  • Apply to Immigration New Zealand for your Global Impact Visa along with your offer from the EHF
  • Your application docket also needs to include things such as medical certificates, police certificates and other documents to prove English language and other GIV requirements
  • You must also have NZ$ 36,000 to support your and your family’s living expenses for the first year of stay in New Zealand

What is the Length of a Global Impact Visa (GIV)?

You can stay in New Zealand on a GIV for 36 months. Note that there is a limit of 400 Global Impact Visas that can be issued by Immigration New Zealand in 4 years.
On a Global Impact Visa, you can:
  • Study, work and live in New Zealand for 36 months
  • Apply for New Zealand permanent residence once you have been on the Edmund Hillary Fellowship for 30 months
  • Enter and exit the country any number of times while your visa is valid
  • Work for any employer, in any New Zealand location – this also includes self-employment

With a Global Impact Visa application, not only do you have to cross the hurdle of getting the EHF approval (which happens just twice a year), you are also racing against the quota of 400 Immigration New Zealand approvals in 4 years. Avoid delays or outright rejections to your GIV application. Our Auckland based team of licensed immigration experts knows the ins and outs of the Global Impact Visa process. Book a consultation now to explore your best option.

Are There Any Conditions Imposed on a Global Impact Visa (GIV)?

Yes, GIV comes with certain conditions that you must be aware of:
  • You must retain the Edmund Hillary Fellowship’s support to be eligible for New Zealand Residence
  • You cannot add your partner or dependent children to your GIV application. They may, however, file separate visa applications based on their relationship to you.
  • You cannot apply or accept any welfare assistance during your stay in New Zealand

What is the Processing Time for a Global Impact Visa (GIV)?

Immigration New Zealand may take up to 5 months to process a GIV application. This does not include the time taken by the Edmund Hillary Fellowship programme to accept you.

Individual complicating situations with character/health issues, etc. may lead to further delays. NZ Immigration Help has been helping its clients get timely approvals on their Global Impact Visas for many years. Book a consultation to explore ways to expedite your GIV application.

What is the Cost of Getting a New Zealand Global Impact Visa (GIV)?

NZ Immigration Help strives to help its clients get their Global Impact Visa (GIV) approval at the lowest fee.

We study every individual case carefully to provide you with the best quality solution at an affordable price. Book a consultation today and let our licensed immigration experts help you get your Global Impact Visa approval at the most cost-effective rate.

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