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Do you want to apply for a New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?
You may apply for a Partnership Based Visa if your partner is already living in New Zealand or both of you are applying for a visa to visit New Zealand at the same time.

What are the Criteria for a New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?

There are different requirements for Partners of temporary and resident visa holders. Immigration New Zealand offers different visa options for Partners based on their situation and places specific requirements on them accordingly.
Here are some criteria that you and your partner must meet for your Partnership Based Visa:
  • You and your partner need to be in a stable and genuine relationship
  • Both of you must be living together
  • Your partner must be eligible to support your visa application and must do so
  • You must satisfy the character and health requirements laid down by Immigration New Zealand
If you are a permanent resident or citizen from Australia with New Zealand as your primary place of residence, you may also be eligible to sponsor your partner’s visa.
Note that you may have multiple Partnership Based Visa options of coming to New Zealand and the path you take will determine what social services you are eligible for once you arrive in the country.
The options can get very confusing, and the changing immigration environment of New Zealand makes it hard to keep up with the latest developments. Do not get entangled in the baffling immigration processes – work with an immigration expert to help you find the best option.

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How does Immigration New Zealand Define Partnership for Visa Purposes?

Immigration New Zealand considers Partnership to be between two people of the same or opposite sex who share a stable and genuine relationship and live together. Their relationship may be a:
  • Civil union
  • Legal marriage
  • De facto relationship
Also, you and the partner supporting your Partnership Based Visa must:
  • Be more than 18 years old. If any of you is 16 or 17 years old, you will need consent from your parents or legal guardians
  • Have met before applying for your Partnership Based Visa
  • Not be prohibited from entering a relationship under the Marriage Act 1995 or the Civil Union Act 2004

How Do You Prove Your Partnership Status to be Eligible for a New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?

Immigration New Zealand needs to be convinced that you are living together in a stable and genuine relationship before granting your Partnership Based Visa, or they will reject your application.
You and your partner must be sharing the same home, which excludes:
  • Sharing holiday accommodation
  • Flatmate agreements
  • Maintaining your accommodations while you spend time in each other’s homes

How Does Immigration New Zealand Decide the Partnership Eligibility For Your Partnership Based Visa?

Immigration New Zealand looks for the following things when evaluating your Partnership eligibility for your Partnership Based Visa:
  • The length of time you have been together
  • The period of time you have stayed together as a couple
  • Living agreements
  • Sharing of financial obligations
  • Commitment to living together
  • Mutually owned and/or shared properties
  • Children involved along with their care arrangements
  • Sharing common household chores
  • Recognition of your relationship in society
Proving your eligibility for a Partnership based visa is the most daunting task of your application and is one of the primary grounds for rejection by Immigration New Zealand.

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What Documents are Recognised by Immigration New Zealand as Evidence of Partnership?

Official documents are considered more credible by Immigration New Zealand. The list of acceptable forms of evidence is long; here are some items that help establish your Partnership eligibility required for your Partnership Based Visa:
  • Certificates proving civil union or marriage
  • Birth certificates of shared children
  • Electronic and physical communication records
  • Pictures of you two together
  • Evidence showing the social acceptance of your relationship
  • Evidence proving you take mutual decisions
  • Evidence showing you spend quality time together
  • Proof of your shared parenting arrangements
  • Joint home loan or rental agreements
  • Joint financial accounts and hire purchase contracts
  • Joint ownership of assets
  • Receiving mail at the same address
  • Joint utility accounts

How Does Time Spent Living Apart Impact Your New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?

If you both have lived apart for some time, Immigration New Zealand will need evidence to assess how it has affected your partnership.
You will need to provide information related to your separation, which includes the following:
  • The reasons that led to you both living apart
  • The length of time you two stayed apart
  • The mechanisms you used to keep in touch while you lived apart

Complicating factors in your relationship make it critical that you work with an experienced immigration adviser. Our licensed immigration experts have helped many clients navigate the complexities of their Partnership Based Visa application successfully. Book a paid consultation to discuss your case.

What is the Length of a New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?

If your partner has a temporary visa, your Partnership Based Visa will be of the same validity as theirs.
If your partner is a resident or citizen of New Zealand, you can be eligible for a visitor or work visa for 12 to 24 months based on how long you have been in the relationship.
You can also be added to your partner’s resident visa application under most categories, including Residence from Work and Skilled Migrant Category.
You may also be eligible, under the Family Partnership category, for a resident visa if your partner is a resident or citizen of New Zealand.

What is the Processing Time for a Partnership Based Visa?

The processing times for a Partnership Based Visa vary depending on the category – anywhere from 30 days to 6 months for a temporary Partnership based visa and 8-10 months for resident Partnership based visas.

Individual complicating situations may lead to further delays. NZ Immigration Help has been helping its clients get timely approvals on their Partnership Based Visas for many years. Book your consultation to explore ways to expedite your application.

What is the Cost of Getting a New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?

We strive to help our clients get their Partnership Based Visa approval at the best price.

We study your case carefully to provide you with the best quality solution at an affordable price. Book a paid consultation today and let our licensed immigration experts help you get your Partnership Based Visa approval at the most cost-effective rate.

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