Work to Residence Visa

Once you have stayed in New Zealand for 2 years on a Work to Residence Visa, you may be able to apply for residence status.
The Residence from Work category is a great pathway to ‘upgrade’ from a temporary work visa to a New Zealand residence visa. Once you become a resident, you will be allowed to stay in New Zealand forever and have access to most of the country’s publicly funded services such as healthcare and education.
How do you qualify for a Work to Residence Visa? You will need to:
  • Have been staying in New Zealand on one of the Work to Residence visas for two years
  • Provide evidence to satisfy good health and character requirements laid down by Immigration New Zealand
You must also fulfil the visa requirements of one of the Work Visas mentioned below.

Both visas have different application criteria and qualification requirements. They are also very different in terms of the application process. Don’t get confused by the intricacies of the Work to Residence Visa process. Start on the right foot to avoid delay or rejection. Let our Auckland based expert immigration team help you through the Work to Residence Visa process. Book a  consultation to get started.

New Zealand does a great job at keeping its workplaces fair by enforcing a wide-ranging set of employment laws.
It is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender, race or other reasons. Same way, New Zealand also makes sexual harassment illegal – including any unwelcome or offensive sexual behaviour.
Both you and your employer have rights to enjoy and obligations to fulfil under the employment laws of New Zealand. For instance, your employer should ensure the safety of your work environment and pay you as per the work visa terms.

You too must perform your work with competence and care, while fulfilling the terms of your work visa. For instance, if your work visa ties you to an employer, location or industry and you want to change your job, you must apply for a variation of conditions with Immigration New Zealand before you switch.

NZ immigration Help has been helping its clients during their journey of obtaining a Work to Residence Visa for many years. You must be sure to follow all the rules along the process to avoid visa rejection or deportation while working on your work visa. Book a consultation with our immigration experts to discuss your case.

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