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Need to file an appeal against a decision made by Immigration New Zealand?
If Immigration New Zealand has declined your temporary or permanent visa application, you may be looking at complex visa situations, some of which can even lead to your deportation.

Why was your visa application denied?

There are several reasons that may have contributed to Immigration New Zealand denying your visa application:
  • The application did not follow the set guidelines laid down by immigration law
  • The application was missing some required information or was prepared incorrectly
  • The application was not filed for the appropriate category that addresses your intention of coming to New Zealand
  • Immigration New Zealand found some character or health issues that bar you from receiving the visa you have applied for
  • A PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letter was issued by an officer of Immigration New Zealand, and you either did not respond to it satisfactorily or did not respond to at all.
Irrespective of what led to the denial of your visa application, you can either accept the decision made by Immigration New Zealand, which potentially means you may even have to go back to your home country, or you may choose to file an appeal against the decision to give yourself a second chance.

If you think that the visa application has not been considered in the light of all facts of the case or that Immigration New Zealand has not correctly applied the visa issuance policies, book your slot for a consultation with one of our licensed immigration experts from NZ Immigration Help to discuss your case and explore your best option to turn the decision around.

How complex is it to lodge an Immigration Appeal?

Lodging an immigration appeal against a decision made by Immigration New Zealand is a legal matter of complex nature.
You will need to lodge a well-documented, formal appeal with a different authority if you want to have the decision made by Immigration New Zealand overturned. Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT) is the body empowered to settle appeals against decisions made by Immigration New Zealand regarding visa and deportation.
New Zealand Ministry of Justice governs the tribunal, which is headed by a District Court Judge. The 18 members working on the tribunal are recommended by the Minister of Justice and appointed by the Governor-General.

Immigration Appeal made with the IPT is your last chance at reviving your immigration application, work with an expert to maximise your chances of success. We, at NZ Immigration Help, have helped a lot of our clients receive favourable responses to their immigration appeals with the IPT. Book your consultation slot now to discuss your case.

What types of Immigration Appeals does the IPT take up?

Here are some of the appeals heard and determined by the Immigration and Protection Tribunal:
  • Matters related to deportation liability
  • Decisions related to resident visa classes
  • Decisions related to recognizing an individual as a protected person or refugee, who may or may not be a New Zealand citizen

Every case has its peculiarities and needs a well-drafted representation to bring out its merits, so the appeal has a higher chance of success. NZ Immigration Help provides you a 100% free legal consultation opportunity with our immigration experts to discuss the merits of your case. Book your consultation session now.

How much time do you have to file an Immigration Appeal with the IPT?

You must act quickly, as the appeal must be filed within a specific time frame – else you will be forced to leave the country.
Here are some time frames:
  • Violation of Visa terms – within 28 days of deportation liability notice
  • Unlawful presence in New Zealand – 42 days within turning unlawful
  • Application for reviewing a decision – within 28 days of notice
  • Humanitarian appeal to overturn the decision by the Minister to start cancelation of Temporary Visa – within 28 days of deportation liability notice
  • Appeal to overturn the denial of Residence visa – within 42 days of notification
Residence appeals typically take 3 to 6 months for a decision to be made. Humanitarian (non-resident) deportation appeals are decided within 2 to 4 months. These times may, however, get longer if the supporting documents and other submissions are not made correctly.

NZ Immigration Help has been helping their clients achieve success with their Immigration Appeals for many years and can do so for you too. We offer a consultation where we hear your case and answer all your questions patiently. Our goal is to be completely transparent about the merits of your case and the chances of success.

So, contact us now and give your Immigration Appeal with IPT the best chance of success!

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