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What should you know about getting a Health Waiver from Immigration New Zealand?
Have you received a PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letter from the immigration officer handling your case, stating that you do not meet the ASH (Acceptable Standard of Health)?
This means that your immigration officer has determined that you would put undue stress on New Zealand’s public healthcare system and special education services if you are allowed inside the country.
Your immigration officer may even use the term “relatively high probability” if they believe that the probability of you putting severe pressure on the New Zealand health care system and special education services is more than 50%.
It is important to note that Immigration New Zealand considers health as a critical parameter when deciding on your resident or temporary visa application.
However, exceptions are made in cases where you are traveling to New Zealand seeking medical consultation or treatment.

Also, you may still be eligible for your temporary or resident visa, even if you do not meet the ASH requirements. You will need to support your response with well-documented evidence and excellent representation to receive a Health Waiver from Immigration New Zealand.

You must seek help from a qualified immigration expert in such cases. Book a time now for a consultation with a licensed immigration adviser from NZ Immigration Help to seek the best option regarding your visa application.

Can you be eligible for a second opinion for your health assessment?

Absolutely. Immigration New Zealand provides for provisions under which you may be eligible to seek a second opinion to justify your Health Waiver application.
If the original assessment made by a medical assessor affiliated to Immigration New Zealand is disputed by a medical professional, the professional opinion will be referred to a different Immigration New Zealand medical assessor who will act as a medical referee.
A similar second opinion process is also applicable for assessments made by Ministry of Education in cases where it is determined that there is a high probability of your health condition (behavioural, intellectual or physical or a combination of these) making you eligible for ORRS (Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Schemes) funding. This can have a huge impact on the outcome of your visa application.
It is important to note that the recommendations of the second assessor will be final.

This opens a window of opportunity for you to give your application another chance. It is not easy though, and you should not take the second opinion process lightly. Book a time now for a consultation with a licensed immigration adviser from NZ Immigration Help to find your best options to succeed in the second opinion.

What parameters decide if you qualify for a Health Waiver?

To be eligible for a Health Waiver for temporary visas, you will need to establish that you will not have “relatively high probability” of needing the following during the term of visa:
  • Pharmaceuticals with high costs
  • Residential care
  • Hospitalization
  • Disability services with high costs
The following factors determine your eligibility for a Health Waiver for a resident visa:
  • The extent of cost to health and special education services of New Zealand
  • The length and circumstances of stay of any immediate family member(s) permanently and lawfully in New Zealand
  • Significance of potential contribution to the country by the applicant
  • Intended length of stay

What should you do if you need help with a Heath Waiver?

Some of these parameters can get hugely complex when combined with your unique health situation. You may have to go through the second opinion process in some cases, which needs expert documentation and representation – you should seek expert immigration advice for your Health Waiver issues immediately before it is too late to revive your visa application.
We, at NZ Immigration Help, have been helping our clients receive Health Waivers for many years.

We offer a consultation and answer all your questions patiently. Our goal is to be completely transparent about your options and chances of your success.

Our team has helped many clients with their complex immigration cases in the past and can do the same for you at a very reasonable rate.
So, go ahead and contact us for your best chance of getting a favourable outcome for your Health Waiver application.

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