Skilled Migrant Category Reopening

Skilled Migrant Category Reopening

The Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa will recommence on 9 November 2022. The long-term direction of the Skilled Migrant Category is being reviewed and there may be changes to come.

Individuals who submit expressions of interest (EOIs) during this time will have their EOIs considered. You can choose to continue or withdraw your EOI at any time. If you choose to withdraw your EOI before it is selected, you may request a refund.
If you want to continue, double-check your information and add any new details before the end of November 2022. You may also make use of this time to claim any lost points.
All EOIs with at least 160 points as of 9 November 2022 will be selected. EOIs must have at least 180 points as of 18 January 2023 to be chosen.
When selection begins, your EOI to will be checked to ensure the right number of points for your age, experience, employment, and qualifications.
If you meet the points threshold, you will be invited to apply for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa.

Invitations to Apply

If you are invited to apply for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa, please note that you will only have four months to complete and submit your application.
When you submit your application, you should have all of your information and paperwork ready. Check the file size requirements in the form while creating your application to ensure that the files you provide are not too large to upload.

You will need to supply these documents

  • a photo of yourself and of each person included in your application
  • a copy of your passport and a copy for each person included in this application. Include the page with the photo and details on it.
  • police certificates for you and any family member 17 years or older. Include certificates for any country you or your family member have lived in for more than 12 months and any country where you hold citizenship.

You may also need to supply

  • your EOI
  • employment documents
  • evidence of your qualifications or your partner’s qualifications
  • skilled work experience documentation for you and your partner
  • a timeline and supporting evidence of your relationship with your partner
  • proof of relationship, such as a birth certificate, for any dependent children you have included in this application.
  • a completed Employer Supplementary form (INZ1235).
  • a completed Resident Visa Declaration form (INZ1242) if someone helped you complete this form or if you are including a partner or children who are over 18 years old in your application.
  • a completed Additional Dependants for Residence in New Zealand form (INZ1001).
Application fees must be paid when you complete the online form.

We will contact you if we need more information or any extra documents.

Selection Dates

The first selection will be on 9 November 2022. All candidates with at least 160 points will be selected for further review.
The second selection will take place 18 January 2023. Again, all those with 180 or more points will progress to the next stage of evaluation.

After 18 January 2022, selections will occur monthly on the third Wednesday of each month; only those with at least180 points will still have a chance at that time.

It would be best if you let our experts handle the documentation, do book a consultation with us to discuss it.

End Note

The information cited above is sourced from public domain. We will keep on updating it as more information is discovered.

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