What is New in ANZSCO Version 1.3?

What is New in ANZSCO Version 1.3?
ANZSCO version 1.3 was introduced on October 30, 2019. The Australian Bureau of Statistics and Statistics New Zealand came up with the latest update to the standard – the new classification impacts at least 44 occupations.

What is Changing?

At a high level, the reclassification has moved some occupations from the low-skilled to the mid-skilled band – this now makes it possible for workers in certain occupations to be eligible for New Zealand visas.
Immigration New Zealand has said that it will continue using ANZCO version 1.2 to assess most visa applications till mid-2020, with some exceptions. An occupation will be treated as skilled (skill level 1-3) if:
  • ANZSCO version 1.2 places it under low-skilled bracket (skill level 4-5),
  • It is considered skilled (skill level 1-3) as per ANZSCO version 1.3, and
  • The visa applicant makes enough to meet the median income in New Zealand, currently at NZD $25/hour.
What does the future hold for ANZSCO, in terms of New Zealand visas? Well, Immigration New Zealand has already announced the restructuring of work visas based on pay levels, instead of ANZSCO standards, by mid-2020 – this is part of their plan to bring about significant changes in how New Zealand Work Visa applications are assessed. The changes will be made in phases till 2021.

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